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Photo of a painting done by Bella, a Border Collie Who We Are...

The Paws for Love Foundation is a resource for shelters and rescue organizations in the Western States.

We offer:
* funding assistance for emergencies
* support for rescue efforts
* spay & neuter clinics to reduce the number of unwanted pets
* adoption promotion
* home to the "Silver Paws for Love" Senior-to-Senior adoption program

Tears and cheers, heartbreak and joy, and necessary funds. These are all elements in the world of animal rescue. There are the individuals and groups who are willing to save the animals, often risking their own safety to enter a world of criminal activity; shelters, foster homes and safe houses for the rescued animals until loving adoptive homes can be found; and accessibility to funding resources. The Paws for Love Foundation was created to meet this latter need. In addition to providing funding for spay and neuter clinics, rehabilitation, and other kinds of general support, we also provide funds for medical care and emergency surgeries to the injured and abused animals who are entering a rescue situation.

Paws for Love began in Healdsburg, CA, as small and unique art exhibit in 2000. This simple concept of original art created by rescue and shelter animals themselves has grown into an exciting annual fundraiser and much-anticipated event every February in the North Bay region of California. The animals paint with their paws and tails, creating delightful abstract and impressionistic works of art! - Painting magic with rescue animals in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, at Green Dog Rescue in Windsor, and Forgotten Felines in Rohnert Park will take place this summer.

Having assisted local animal shelters in Sonoma County in its early years, Paws for Love moved forward to become a fully independent 501c3 nonprofit organization now known as the Paws for Love Foundation. In this way, we would be able to benefit many organizations by pursuing our vision of making a difference in the lives of homeless and unwanted pets by providing resources and funding to shelters, rescue groups, and individuals dedicated to improving the health, welfare, and adoptability of unwanted and abused animals both locally and beyond the borders of the North Bay.

Photo of Ellyn and Lucy
Paws for Love was founded by Ellyn Jaques Boone, a northern California artist with a passion for helping animals. Ellyn has been painting with shelter animals for many years. She began her unusual journey when her own shelter dogs, Woody and Cooper, raced across a painting-in-progress which she had placed on the floor. The brightly colored paw prints they tracked through the house inspired her to assist them in the creation of paintings to be given as gifts to friends. In February of 2000, she turned her special skill into a fundraiser to benefit a local animal shelter by launching an art show, sale, and auction she dubbed "Paws for Love."

Each painting whether a soft, impressionistic paw print or bold colorful abstract is framed, titled, and accompanied by a photo and biography of the "artist". The paintings sell quickly, usually within an hour of the exhibit's opening.

"We communicate with our animals in so many ways," muses Boone. "These unexpected artists may not know the difference between an O'Keeffe and a Matisse, but they all respond to kindness and affection. Together, we hope that each little painting might capture the attention of just the right person who will subsequently decide to adopt one (or more!) of these devoted companions."

Our Board of Directors and Volunteer Coordinator
Photo of Ellyn Boone Ellyn Jaques Boone, President
As the founder and president of the Paws for Love Foundation, Ellyn Boone is an artist with a passion for helping animals. She has been an innkeeper, a skier, a poet, a cowgirl, a house designer, and a photographer. Helping save the lives of homeless animals through Paws for Love has been a dream come true and the career that has eclipsed all others. Ellyn lives with her border collies and her husband in Sonoma County and Wyoming.
Photo of Alice Sleeth Alice Sleeth, Secretary
My real job is as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at Sutter Peds in Santa Rosa. I examine and care for children from newborn to 18 years of age. It is a fun job - I laugh every day at the funny things kids do! My 2 Border Collies are my "children" and the loves of my life - after my husband Bill. I also volunteer with the Sonoma County Downs Syndrome group. Several of my patients are Downs kids, and they are very special people! I love my involvement with Paws for Love, because we do amazing work for animals.
Photo of Lynn with Dog Lynn Badger, Vice President
I am a true dog lover and have been involved in a wide variety of dog related events and organizations. Since my retirement a few years ago I have been very active with 3 different non-profits. I am working with my new golden retriever getting her ready to do social therapy work. She will be my second golden doing this type of work. I also work with Bergin University of Canine Studies helping with the puppies that will be trained as service dogs. The third organization is Paws for Love. About 10 years ago I went to their fundraiser event held in February and I was hooked. The last few years I work with volunteers to get the silent auction ready for that event. Each year, I am getting a bit more involved. It is a unique non-profit that helps where there is such a need. Helping not only dogs, but cats and more. A great organization that I am happy to be a part of.
Photo of Karen Karen Rogers, Treasurer
I grew up in Healdsburg, having extensive family ties going back many generations. My daughter, Krista, and I have been involved in helping homeless pets through California Animal Rescue, fostering over 150 dogs and cats. We photographed each dog and cat we fostered, and at the end of every year we created a poster with all the animals who called Camp Runamuck “home” for awhile. Happily, after their stay with us, most went on to find new homes. But one special little guy – an abandoned puppy born with deformed legs – remained in our home and hearts forever. We fostered T Rex throughout his surgeries and recuperation, and we met the Paws for Love Foundation during this time. Soon, I went from being his “foster” to a proud mama! T Rex is an inspiration to everyone who meets him, and he has now become a veteran artist for “Paws for Love.” For the past 26 years I have worked for a Healdsburg accounting firm as office manager/tax preparer.
Photo of Susan Susan Foppiano-Valera, Director
Susan is a fourth-generation Healdsburg native whose interests include photography, travel, and horseback riding.
Daughter of Louis J. Foppiano, the patriarch of one of California's oldest family-owned wineries, she grew up on the winery estate her family has owned since 1896. She still resides on the property with her husband, dog Cate, cats, and three horses.
She has been involved with Paws for Love since its beginning in 2000.
Photo of Pat Pat Delaplane, Director
Pat moved to Santa Rosa in 2002 after residing on Maui for 19 years. Her dream was to retire in the wine country and that dream has come to fruition. She was far too career oriented to consider animals in her life and then shortly after retirement, a little parrot flew into her kitchen while she had the doors open photographing hummingbirds. After being unsuccessful at finding the owner, Pat decided that this was an omen that they were brought together to care for each other. Peachy, a little Peach-faced Lovebird has totally changed life values and orientation for Pat. Peachy now shares her home with Mojito, a rescued Dusky Conure and Muffy, a rescued Maltese-Poodle mix doggie. It was at a women's group meeting where Pat learned about Paws for Love and the romance with dog paintings began. Muffy is now a quite accomplished artist. In her retirement, Pat has taken classes at SRJC and has received Certificates in Graphic Design, Winemaking, Hospitality, Viticulture, Photoshop, and the other Adobe Graphic Design programs. She is a volunteer Webmaster for non-profit groups and has done Graphic Design for several non-profits including Paws for Love.
JoAnne Malerbi, Director
I grew up in upstate New York in a small dairy community where I learned to love and care for a variety of animals. I came to California in 1984 for a visit, fell in love with Sonoma county and made it my home. I volunteered for the Gala and knew then that I wanted to do something to help these animals in need, and finding Paws for Love was exactly the organization I wanted to be part of. I have been a dog lover all my life and after the passing of my last dog, my husband and I are now the proud owners of 3 abandoned cats who found their way to us all at different times.

The mission of the Paws for Love Foundation is to provide resources and funding to shelters, rescue groups, and individuals dedicated to improving the health, welfare, and adoptability of unwanted and abused animals. The Paws for Love Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization, and all donations to our organization are tax-deductible.

" They give us a sense of hope when we think there is none; they give us a kind of love
that stirs our hearts in a way no other creature can."

Open your heart and home to adoptable animals waiting for you!

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